Based on this scene from Crazy Stupid Love. You know the one where Ryan Gosling lifts Emma Stone Dirty Dancing style. Yeah, but with Klaine.

For Emmy :)

Looking back on it now Blaine shouldn’t have made such a brash decision to come to Kurt’s apartment when he’s had one too many drinks. It’s just that Blaine didn’t really mean to sleep with Kurt tonight. He was just mad at his dumb boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend now. All he wanted was to get away from there and maybe that meant go have sex with Kurt back then, but now he’s just standing here in the most exquisitely decorated room in the East Coast gnawing at his bottom lip anxiously.


Kurt is cute, and he’s charming, and all that jazz, and Blaine does like him, but does that mean they should go off and have sex? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, he thinks. Maybe he should leave and then call Kurt later or something.


He’s about to leave when he hears some unfamiliar Motown song playing through the speakers, and hears Kurt’s footsteps approaching form the kitchen. Kurt comes out, holding two glasses full of pale amber liquid.


“Here,” he says, handing Blaine the glass with a small smile.


“This is a good song, I really like your choice. You don’t hear this that often,” Blaine sputters, and mentally kicks himself. He’s nervous, and when he’s nervous he babbles


“You like it? It’s a good song.” Kurt says, and Blaine nods emphatically, clinking his glass with Kurt’s before tipping it back against his lips and ignoring Kurt’s quiet ‘cheers’. It burns his throat, and it’s not his favorite drink but he can’t stop drinking and soon his glass is empty.


“That’s not my drink,” he says, and grabs Kurt’s glass and finishes that one off as well. “Not my favorite. Thank you.” He hands Kurt both glasses, and smiles at him until Kurt takes the glasses off his hands.


He twirls around in a circle, and he knows he looks like a damn fool, but he feels really good right now.  It’s because of the liquor he’s been steadily consuming all night long, and frankly he’s surprised at the fact that he’s still up at this point.


“So is this how it works?” Blaine asks, and Kurt turns to look at him.




“Is this how it works? Do you put on romantic music, and make them a drink and then you…you have sex with them…with the boys.”


“I’m seeing now that making you a drink was a mistake since you’re already too drunk, but yeah. That’s how it generally works,” Kurt answers, smiling widely at the other boy’s antics.


“Oh, I see,” Blaine twirls around twice before turning back to Kurt. “I’m nervous.”


“I can see that, baby,” Kurt replies, and that word makes Blaine want to twirl on the spot fifty more times until he’s dizzy.


“Okay, cause I know that I seemed like I wasn’t, but that’s only because I was…trying to show off, and I was drunk, which you’re clearly witnessing here.”


“No, you’re fine, Blaine, you’re fine. I’m just glad you finally agreed to give me the time of day.”


“I probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t drunk, but you see when I’m drunk I tend to do things that I’m going to end up regretting; and I’m not saying I’m going to regret this, but I’m going to regret being drunk because you’re going to judge me for it. God, you’re cute.”


“Are you sure you’re okay?”


“I’m fine. I’m still standing up aren’t I?” Blaine says, gesturing down to his body with wide eyes and Kurt can’t help but giggle.


“You’re adorable,” he says, and Blaine furrows his eyebrows in irritation.


“No, no I’m not. I’m not adorable or cute. I am sexy. I am so sexy you can’t handle it. I am not pg-13.”




“Yeah! You know if this night where PG-13 I would pass out, and you would cover me with a blanket and nothing would happen, okay? But I’m not PG-13 I’m rated R and maybe NC-17. That’s where the nasty stuff happens. You know that’s where I bang the hot guy who hit on me at the bar,” Blaine babbles, settling his hands on his hips, and tilting forward a little bit.


“People still say bang?” Kurt asks, and Blaine nods.


“I do. Yeah, we are going to bang. You and I are going to bang and it’s gonna be hot and awesome and I’m totally gonna rock your world.”


“Are you?”


“Yeah,” Blaine says determinedly. “Take off your shirt.”




“Just take it off, I wanna know I’ve been thinking about what you would look like under—just take it off,” Blaine orders, and feels a giddy wave of accomplishment go down his spine when Kurt stands up off the couch and reaches down to pull his shirt off.


Blaine tries really hard not to let his mouth fall open when Kurt tosses the shirt onto the couch, but he really fails spectacularly because Kurt looks like a Greek god. All nice and toned and he has really nice abs that Blaine wants to run his hands over.


“Fuck!” he cries, stomping his foot on the floor. “Seriously? This is what you’re carrying under there? It’s like you’re photoshoped.”


“You wanted to see me,” Kurt states.


“Can I?” Blaine doesn’t wait for an answer, instead he surges forward and places his hands on Kurt’s abs, feeling at the hard muscle and trying to keep his mouth from watering.


“Cold hands, you have cold hands,” Kurt squeals, squirming away from Blaine’s touch.


“Sorry,” Blaine says, moving away.


“Now you take off your shirt,” Kurt says and Blaine freezes. Oh there is actually no way now.


“No,” he answers defiantly, making Kurt frown.




“No. Not when you have all of that. Oh no thank you. I look horrible compared to you.”


“I don’t think you do, babe,” Kurt says, but Blaine shakes his head.


“I do not look like that under here.”


“You asked me to take my shirt off now I think it’s fair you do the same,” Kurt says, making to grab his shirt again but Blaine stops him.


“No wait. What happens next?”


“What do you mean?”


“What happens now? What’s you move?”


“What do you mean what’s my move? I have lots of moves,” Kurt replies


“What’s your big move?”


“I’m not telling you my big move,” Kurt scoffs lightly, glancing at Blaine like he’s crazy.


“Tell me your big move,” Blaine insists loudly, and Kurt shakes his head.


“You’re not ready for the big move.”


“Yes I am, tell me your big move!”


“I work Dirty Dancing into the conversation,” Kurt confesses, and Blaine snaps his mouth shut immediately.


“Dirty dancing?”


“Can I sit down please?” Kurt asks and Blaine nods.




“Can I put back on my shirt?”




Kurt shoulders sag, but nonetheless he sits back down on the cream couch and glances up at Blaine through his lashes.


“So do we watch Dirty Dancing? I’m confused”


“No we don’t watch it. You know the big move at the end of Dirty Dancing?” Kurt asks glancing at Blaine expectedly.


“Big move?”


“The big move, the one where Patrick Swayze lifts up Jennifer Grey. I can do that.”


“Bullshit,” Blaine cries out loudly, the sound echoing off the walls.  


“No, I’m not lying I can actually do that. I tell boys I can, I put on the song, I do the move and they always wanna have sex with me.”


Blaine starts giggling, pressing his hand against his mouth to stifle the giggles. “You’re telling me that you can lift boys over your head in time to music? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”


“I completely agree,” Kurt says. “But It works every damn time.”


“It wouldn’t work on me,” Blaine replies arrogantly, and Kurt lifts an eyebrow.


“I can guarantee that it would.”


“Prove it,” Blaine replies, and only realizes what he said when the words are out of his mouth.


Kurt smirks at him for a couple of seconds before he reaches over for a remote and changes the song playing.


“Do you really have the song?” Blaine asks, watching Kurt stand up and stretch his arms over his head, making his muscles flex.


“Stand over there,” he instructs and Blaine obeys, moving to the far side of the room.


“Are we really doing this?”


“Yes we are.”


“Oh man, this is ridiculous,” Blaine says mostly to himself.


“Come on. Jump,” Kurt encourages, and Blaine keeps shaking his head.






“Okay, okay.” Blaine bounces on his feet slightly, mentally preparing himself. “What if you drop me?”


“I’m not going to drop you,” Kurt assures, holding his hands out. “Now jump.”


“Okay, it’s a good thing I’m drunk. Okay lets do this.” Blaine runs forward jumping up into Kurt arms. He’s about to scream when his feels are in the air above him, bracing himself to come crashing down on the floor, but Kurt keeps him up. His strong arms supporting Blaine so that he doesn’t fall, and wow if that isn’t the hottest thing in the world.


He lets his legs fall, but Kurt doesn’t put him down, spinning on the spot and staring into Blaine’s eyes for a couple of seconds before he stops. He waits for Blaine to bring his legs down before moving his own arms over Blaine’s ass and brings him down slowly until their faces are at level with each other.


“Wow,” Blaine says, and Kurt smiles before placing him back on the floor. He clears his throat before speaking again. “So do you prefer to do it here? Or…”


“I generally do it in the bedroom,” Kurt replies, and Blaine nods.


“Mhhm, yeah. Uhm go there,” he orders, and doesn’t even mind when Kurt laughs loudly, pulling them toward the bedroom.


“Told you I could do it,” he brags, and Blaine rolls his eyes.


“I’m going to sleep with you, you can shut up now.”

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