based off of the manips of tattooed Klaine going around. and because i couldn’t resist writing a drabble even though i know its complete shit. also i’m sorry if i come off as not knowing anything about tattoos, but my information is all coming from LA ink, Miami ink, New York ink etc,

"What do you want to get?"

It’s a question he’s been asked more than once and a question he’s asked various times as well. What can he say it comes with the job. A job Kurt loves, despite never really picturing himself doing it back when he was a child. He’s always been artistic, but he never imagined his talent would turn with him becoming a tattoo artist. A highly sought after tattoo artist. 

Kurt is highly sought after because he’s great at color. It’s always been his forte even when he was going to art school. He has a knack at making sure the colors blend beautifully together. His use of color is why he’s done guest jobs at Kat Von D’s shop. She loved his use of color on a certain tattoo and had to call him up to get him out to LA. 

Kurt doesn’t mind flying out to do tattoo’s in other people’s shops, but he really finds himself at home when he’s tattooing in his little shop in NYC. It was something his dad helped him get off the ground, what with him having a knack of running successful businesses. Kurt had started his shop and was surprised at just how many clients he got in that first week. Pretty soon he had a fully staffed shop and a name that spoke for itself. 

And every now and then he liked to get a tattoo from an artist he’s been researching. Today it’s from Blaine Anderson, a new tattoo artist that’s new to the area, or so Kurt’s heard. He heard from one of his artists that this guy does some of the best color he’s seen, and with that being Kurt’s expertise he just had to check out this guy. 

He looked up his portfolio and was immediately struck at just how damn colorful it all was. Beautiful flowers, pin up girls, etc in stunning color. It was almost as good as his own. It struck Kurt hard, because before this he had never seen anybody who could not only rival him, but quite possibly be better than him with color. It was something he had to see in person. 

Which is why he’s made the trek to the small shop where Blaine Anderson calls home in Brooklyn and is currently sitting down int he waiting area, a magazine propped on his legs, waiting for said artist to appear. 

"You’re my 1o’clock?" comes a voice and Kurt looks up, staring into the most amazing hazel eyes he’s ever seen. The man with those eyes is also not too shabby. He’s short, but with wild curly hair, held back by a beanie, light stubble covers his face, and his amazingly gorgeous jawline, and his right arm is covered in a tattoos. From what Kurt can tell they’re all different varieties of flowers. He’s dressed in typical tattoo artist attire, dark jeans, a graphic t-shirt and sneakers, and he’s has what looks like a pencil sticking out of his beanie. 

He’s gorgeous. 

"Yeah, I’m-"

"Kurt Hummel," the man answers, reaching out to shake Kurt’s hand. 

"You know who I am?"

"Of course I do. Everybody in the tattoo community knows who you are," the man replies cheerfully, his face crinkling around the corners of his eyes as he smiles. 

"I see my reputation proceeds me."

"As it should. I’m Blaine Anderson."

"Hi," Kurt replies, a little bit shyly. 

"What tattoo are you looking to get, Kurt Hummel?" Blaine says, letting Kurt’s hand go to place it on the counter. 

"Well, I wanted to test out your color skills, so i wanted to get this." He pulls out a picture of a bouquet of lilies in shades of bright purples, oranges and whites. 

"Wow," Blaine gasps, reaching out for the picture. 

"It’s something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now," Kurt explains, smiling briefly at the memory. He’s been wanting lilies because they were his mother’s favorite flower. She had a garden and she would always have a lily blooming. The table would have a fresh bouquet of lilies as a centerpiece and she would put a vase of them in almost every room. Lilies remind Kurt of his mother, and he’s always wanted to commemorate her by getting one on his body. 

But before now he’s never found a tattoo artist that he’s felt would even qualify to do this piece, until he found Blaine’s portfolio.

"This is gorgeous, Kurt," Blaine breathes. "Uhm, where did you want them?"

"Here, on my chest, right over my heart. i’m getting them for my mother, lilies where her favorite. This way she can always be in my heart."

"That’s beautiful."

"Thanks. But you see, until now i’ve had a hard time finding an artist who could do it. Until you."

"You really have that much faith in me? After all i’m a rookie," Blaine says, smirking lightly. 

"I’ve seen your book." Is the only explanation Kurt gives, and Blaine’s smile increases. He reaches over for a sheet of drawing paper, and starts to sketch it out, his hand moving swiftly on the paper as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. 

When he gets a rough drawing done he holds it out to Kurt’s chest, moving it over his heart. 

"This the right size? I’m just doing a rough sketch now I just need to know how big you want it."

"Like this is fine," Kurt breathes out, and Blaine removes his hands. 

"Okay, i’m going to get this sketched out for you, you can come back later if you want."

"I think i’m gonna hang out here if you don’t mine," Kurt answers, making his way to the lounge area, his phone already in his hand. "Make sure you don’t mess up."

Blaine just smirks and goes to the back room, leaving Kurt alone in the front. 

He takes this time to check up on his own shop, making sure everything is still running and by the time he’s done, Blaine is coming back out and beckoning Kurt to the back.

Kurt follows him, his fingers already pulling at his shirt. He knows the procedure all too well. Come in, take your shirt off, shave the area if needed, and lay down. 

"Okay, I’m going to need you to sit down here for me so I can get this stencil on you." Kurt obeys and Blaine starts to carefully place the stencil on his skin, with Kurt trying not to shiver at Blaine’s slightly cold fingers. 

"How’s that?" Blaine asks when he’s finished, moving to the side so that Kurt can see. "I added another oriental lily because i felt that it finished the bouquet off nicely, i hope that’s okay."

"No, it’s fine. It looks good, Blaine," Kurt replies, satisfied with the stencil. He lays down on the mat, and gets into position, waiting patiently for Blaine to get him prepped and ready. 

"Well, you’ve done this before haven’t you?" Blaine says sarcastically, and Kurt can’t help but giggle. "Now this is going to sting okay?"

"I know Blaine, i’ve gotten tattooed before," Kurt says, rolling his eyes as the faint buzzing sound of the tattoo gun fills the room.

This is the only part of the process he hates. The first drag of that needle. It’s always the worst , but soon after Kurt starts to relax and focuses on Blaine’s voice, getting him to talk to keep him calm.

"So uhm, tattoo for your mom…" Blaine starts and that’s all the ammunition Kurt needs to start talking, the pain taking a backseat now that he’s not focusing on it. For the entire tattoo session Kurt talks. Talks about anything and everything, and god bless Blaine for being a good conversationalist because it’s really starting to hurt and Kurt knows he would be whimpering if it wasn’t for Blaine’s smooth voice keeping him calm.

That’s also what’s different about this tattoo session. He feels something. A spark. he finds himself wanting to talk to Blaine more and more. He wants to get to know him, and he’s almost looking for an excuse to see him outside of here. Maybe for a coffee or something. 

When Blaine finishes up, Kurt’s skin feels like it’s been hacked off with a knife. He lets Blaine do what he needs to clean up before he’s being gently coaxed up and in front of the mirror. 

"What do you think?" Blaine asks, acting like an excited puppy.

"Wow," is all Kurt says, because quite frankly it’s all he can say. It’s perfect actually. The flowers are beautiful in vivid shades of deep pinks and oranges. it’s gorgeous and the attention to detail is something that Kurt wasn’t expecting. Every petal is in detail, every color vibrant, and wow Blaine is as good as him in color if not better.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it. Wow, Blaine this is amazing, really great," Kurt grins, turning around to give Blaine a small hug. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome. It was a pleasure working on you, Kurt Hummel."

"Maybe i’ll let you work on me another time," Kurt says, trying not to wince at how incredibly corny that line was.

"Or maybe it can be my turn next time. I’ve always wanted a Kurt Hummel tattoo."

"How about we talk it over through coffee?"

Blaine steps back a bit, blinking owlishly. “Uhm, yeah. Sure. Coffee sounds great,” he replies, and Kurt smiles before looking back at the mirror.

"Now explain to me how to take care of this."  

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