I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It.

Pairing: O’Lupin. 

Rating: R for language and mentions of sex, but no actual sex…sorry kids.

Word Count: 3,178

Warnings: None really, except someone else trying to get all up on Cole and Teddy whooping some butt.

I basically had this little thought bubble in my head all of Friday. I was inspired by Sebastian and came up with a new guy. He’s basically the wizard version of Sebastian, but he has eyes for Cole and his recently acquired super sexy long legs. Andrea gave me the name so credit her for this pompous bastards name. This has no real plot, it’s just 3,178 words of jealous!Teddy and kind of slutty!Cole. I do plan on writing more of these with this new guy, that actually include sex. I feel like I’m taking over the Welcome to Hogwarts verse…sorry. 

Anyways, read on. 

It all starts at breakfast a week after the start of the new term. Teddy starts to realize that that he’s not the only one who’s looking at Cole with more than friendly eyes. Teddy notices that Caine Pritchard; a sixth year Slytherin boy, who’s got an even worse reputation than Teddy, is staring intently.

Caine isn’t that bad looking per se. He’s tall, muscled by the looks of it, has nice hair, a nice smile. He’s basically the perfect package. That’s why it’s so easy for him to bat his eyes and get whatever he wants. Teddy knows what that’s like. He knows the look Caine is throwing Cole well enough because he’s used it countless times before.

That’s what’s worrying Teddy. Before he didn’t have to worry so much about other people praying on Cole because while he may think that Cole is all sorts of attractive, not a lot of people weren’t jumping up and down to get with him. Now though, Cole has gotten considerably taller, which makes him even hotter, which makes him more susceptible to horny guys like Caine Pritchard. 

And Teddy cannot have that happening. 

“Hey, Ginger,” Teddy says, stroking Cole’s hair adoringly yet possessively. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I was going to work on my homework in the library. I  thought I told you that already. You have Quidditch practice so I’m going to go study,” Cole answers, looking up to give his boyfriend a smile. 

Oh fuck, right, Quidditch practice. Teddy very nearly forgets that he has to go to those things. 

“You can join me after you’re done,” Cole says, throwing Teddy a coy look, and Teddy knows exactly what that means. Cole has gotten pretty good at throwing subtle yet suggestive looks. “The library will probably be alone,” he whispers, trailing his hand up Teddy’s thigh.

“I thought you were opposed to me ravishing you in public,” Teddy chokes out, glancing around to see if Caine was still looking at Cole. He is, but now he’s got that glint in his eye, and Teddy knows that glint. He knows it very well. It means that he’s set his eyes on his prey and he’s going to being to pursue, maybe not now, but he’s going to pursue very soon. 

“Well, I changed over the summer,” Cole whispers into Teddy’s ear, licking the shell very discreetly while his hand starts rubbing at Teddy’s crotch lightly. 

“I-I’ll say. But, I’ll be sweaty after practice, do you mi-holy fucking shit,” Teddy groans, shutting his eyes, and fuck, why does Cole have to do this here? Right in the middle of breakfast? And fuck, why does it feel so… so fucking good?

“Whoops, we can’t get too carried away right now,” Cole says, removing his hand from Teddy’s half-hard cock, and Teddy wants to yell at him and yank his hand back where it was.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Teddy hisses, and Cole just smirks at him.

“Sorry, darling, but as hot as it would be, I’m afraid I can’t jerk you off in the middle of breakfast. What would McGonagall say?”

Sometimes Teddy really hates his boyfriend. Sometimes. 

“So anyways I was wondering that after  you get out of practice and after I finish my homework maybe we can always take a bath, indulge in a bit of bathroom sex,” Cole says nonchalantly.

Teddy spits out his pumpkin juice, and turns to gape at his boyfriend. How can he be so blasé about that? He’s turned his boyfriend into another version of himself, and it’s fucking hot. 

“I thought you’d be excited at the fact of being in a tub naked with me,” Cole says, raising an eyebrow at Teddy. 

“Yeah, but your newfound sexiness is kind of overwhelming me,” Teddy says, looking down at his crotch were sure enough he’s still rocking a half hard boner. 

Cole giggles, leaning in to press a kiss to Teddy’s cheek. “I’m sorry to inform you that you are no longer the only sexy one in the relationship.”

“I am more than happy to relinquish the title,” Teddy replies, returning the kiss. 

“Yeah, I bet you are,” Cole chuckles, taking one last bite of sausage before pushing his plate away. “Look, I have to get going, do you want to walk me to class?”

“Well, I really have to get going to class as well and I can‘t affords to be late this early into the new term…yeah, of course I’ll walk you to class. That’s not even a question, Ginger.”

“You git,” Cole shoves his boyfriend playfully, and Teddy stands up, grabbing Cole’s bag for him. Out of the corner of his eye he notices Caine throw Cole a wink when he looks in that direction, he also notices that Cole blushes faintly. 

Oh god, it’s starting. 

Teddy leads Cole out of the great hall, looking over his shoulder to throw a scathing look at Caine. Caine simply smirks and stares openly at Cole’s ass. Teddy steps behind his boyfriend, blocking Caine’s view, and quickly shuffles Cole out of the great hall, not missing the angry pout on Caine’s face. 

“Hey, why are you back there?” Cole says, oblivious at the fact that someone was checking him out. 

“Oh you know, I really like staring at your ass,” Teddy lies smoothly, and Cole rolls his eyes. 

“You can’t control yourself for five minutes.” He shakes his head, giggling slightly. Teddy knows that Cole has a weakness for his advances. 

“I really can’t,” Teddy smiles, leading Cole to the staircase. “Clearly, look at my dick.”

“Hmm, half hard,” Cole notes, looking at it openly. “Did I do that?” He says innocently, and fuck, why are they in such a public place? Teddy very nearly suggests that they skip classes and spend the rest of the day in bed, fucking and sleeping and whatnot. 

“Oh, you asshole, don’t say anything if you’re not going to do anything to relieve me.”

“But it’s fun,” Cole says, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Yeah for you,” Teddy grumbles. “I had better be getting sex tonight for the torture you’re putting me through.”

Cole laughs openly, as the couple start climbing the stairs. “Whatever you say, darling.”


Teddy’s having a stressful day. Not because of his classes, no, because of stupid Caine Pritchard and his stupid wandering eye. He seems to be everywhere Cole and Teddy are, and it’s getting on Teddy’s nerves. 

He’s everywhere. He’s in the corridors that Teddy and Cole walk through, he’s in the library when they’re there. He’s even close by in the courtyard. it’s getting annoying as fuck.

Teddy goes into the bathroom before his Quidditch practice and just his fucking luck, runs into none other than Caine, washing his hands. 

“Hey there, Lupin,” he sneers casually, eyeing Teddy through the mirror. 

“Stay away from my Ginger,” Teddy spits out, forgetting about his need to use the lou, and instead feeling the need to assert the fact that Cole is his. 

“Your Ginger?” Caine asks, biting out an amused laugh. “Wow, Lupin, I didn’t know you actually kept one around long enough. I thought that you treated girls and boys as if they were disposable pieces of trash.”

“You better shut the fuck up, Pritchard!” Teddy bellows, his hand twitching for his wand.

Caine holds his hands in mock surrender, and Teddy just wants to punch his stupid face in. “Don’t need to yell, Lupin.”

“Uh, yeah I do actually. You have eyes for my Ginger and I don’t like it. He’s mine.”

“We’ll see about that,” Caine replies coolly. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Teddy snarls, stepping forward until he’s about three inches apart from Caine’s face. 

“I don’t back down, sweetheart,” Caine says seriously, using his index finger to push Teddy back. “I want O’Brien, and I always get what I want. You should know what that’s like, right? You’re always fucking girls and boys left and right.” 

Teddy doesn’t even know what possesses him to do it, but he feels his right hand swinging back and snapping forward to hit Caine in the face, knocking him off balance and into the sink. 

“I’m not like that anymore, and you better stay away from Cole if you know what’s good for you,” Teddy warns, his tone low and dangerous. 

“You’re not like that anymore? Oh, so you’re not a slut anymore? You know, I highly doubt that, because no matter how many times you say you’ve changed, deep down inside you’ll always be a slut.”

Teddy throws another punch, but this time Caine isn’t so caught off guard and slides effortlessly to the side, making Teddy crash with the sink. When he raises his head he comes face to face with Caine’s fist, which pisses Teddy off to no end. He starts swinging at every available part of Caine he can, sometimes missing and sometimes hitting him. But of course Caine isn’t one to back down from a fight, so he’s right there, throwing his own punches.

Teddy can actually keep going, but the thought of Cole getting mad at him for fighting is the only thing that keeps him from not bashing this guy’s face in any further. He backs away, regains his composure, fixes his clothes, and opens the door of the bathroom, pausing to look back at Caine. 

“Stay away from Cole,” he says one final time before exiting the bathroom. The shout of laughter he hears as soon as he’s outside lets him know that Caine is not going to abide by his warning. 


Quidditch practice is horrible to say the least. Teddy is not focused at all. He got a really nasty black eye, a couple of bruises on his face, and a split lip from his little scuffle with Caine, which he brushed off when the team asked him about them at the start of practice. He didn’t even let anybody fix his face up for him. All he kept on thinking about was Caine’s laughter, and how serious he sounded in the bathroom. 

Teddy knows that Caine is not going to let up because he is exactly like him, determined to get what he wants, and Teddy’s never backed down from a challenge, which means that Caine won’t either. 

Teddy hates to be that guy; the protective boyfriend, he really does, but what can he do? He has to ensure that Caine is going to stay away from Cole and if that means that he’s going to have to be bit more, what’s the word…clingy? So be it. 

 After practice lets out Teddy showers quickly and changes, ignoring anybody who tries to start a friendly conversation with him. If he knows the type of person Caine is, he knows that he’s probably at the library trying to sweet talk Cole. After he gets dressed, Teddy runs out toward the library, ignoring the burn in his legs. He needs to get there before Caine has a chance to say anything to Cole.

When he reaches the library he walks toward the direction in which his and Cole’s favorite table is at and stops dead when he hears Caine’s voice coming through the stacks.

“Come on, O’Brien, just a little pop,” he’s saying, and Teddy freezes on the spot, his blood boiling.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend,” Cole says firmly, and Teddy smiles proudly. That’s my boy, he thinks. 

“It doesn’t bother me, if it doesn’t bother you,” Caine sneers, and Teddy can hear Cole’s teeth click in disgust. 

“You seem to have mistaken me for someone who cheats on their boyfriend,” he replies disdainfully.

“He doesn’t have to know if you don’t want him to,” Caine says, and Teddy anxiously awaits Cole’s answer, his heart thundering in his ear and his palm sweating profusely. “I am really good at keeping secrets, Ginger.” The usage of Teddy’s nickname for Cole has Teddy fuming. What on earth gives Caine the right to call him that?

“Don’t call me that!” Cole exclaims. “I am not going to cheat on him, especially not with you, you blubbering, idiotic, tosser! I don’t even know why you’d think I would. I love him and I would never do that.”

“Who’s to say he’s not doing the same thing to you,” Teddy hears and his heart stops. Is Caine really going that far to get Cole to sleep with him?

“What do you… no, Teddy loves me he would never cheat on me,” Cole says, his voice wavering a bit. 

“Who knows. You know, he was the school’s slut long before you came along and enticed him. Who’s to say he hasn’t relapsed, and fucked some girl, or worse yet another boy.”

Silence. It’s gone silent, and Teddy feels like tearing his hair out of his scalp waiting fro Cole to answer. Not only that, but he’s waiting for the opportune moment to pop up and kick Caine’s ass. 

He hears the drag of a chair and figures that Cole’s going to leave, angry and hurt, but what he hears isn’t at all what he was expecting. 

“How dare you? How dare you accuse my boyfriend of cheating on me with…with trash? Teddy loves me and he’s changed, and…I don’t want to sleep with you, you stupid bastard. You’re crude, and you’re a moron and I don’t want you near me…ever. Now, get out of my sight before I transfigure you into a tea cozy,” Cole says, his voice breaking at the end. 

“Now wait, I wasn’t finished with you,” Caine protests, and Teddy hears the rustling of paper and Cole’s outraged gasps.

“Let go of me!” He screams, his voice fearful, and that’s when Teddy’s snaps. He steps out from behind the bookshelf and snatches Caine’s hand off of Cole’s wrist. 

“I believe he said to leave,” Teddy says, his voice dangerously low. Cole steps behind Teddy, clutching onto his back fretfully. 

“How’s the lip, Lupin?” Caine sneers, smirking at Teddy. It’s not like he looks any better, he did recall leaving Caine with a split lip and a busted nose.

“Get out of my sight, Pritchard before I kick your ass again,” Teddy warns, reaching into his pocket to retrieve his wand.

Caine narrows his eyes and pulls his hand free from Teddy’s tight grasp, casting a wink to Cole and a glare to Teddy before he leaves. 

Cole releases a dry sob from behind him and Teddy whips around to engulf him in his arms. “Sh, sh, it’s okay, he’s gone now.”

“I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t showed up, I was getting scared, T-Teddy,” Cole murmurs, his arms wrapped around Teddy tightly. 

“There, there, he’s gone, Ginger, you’re okay,” Teddy soothes, rubbing a hand down Cole’s back in the most innocent and non sexual way possible. “What did that asshole want?”

“He came up to me and told me he wanted me. He said that he wanted to have sex with me and that because I was with the school slut I knew a thing or two. I told him no right away, but he was persistent. I couldn’t get him to leave.”

Teddy releases a low hiss. He wants nothing more than to go find Caine Pritchard and kick his ass right now, but he has to refrain. 

“What happened to your face?” Cole asks, looking up, pressing his finger delicately to Teddy’s split lip, and Teddy winces. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea that eh didn’t let anybody fix it for him.

“Did…he do this to you?” Cole asks, and Teddy nods. 

“Yeah, I kind of got into a bit of a…fight,” Teddy admits, and Cole releases a sigh.

“Teddy Lupin, why did you have to go getting into fights?” he chastises, reaching for his wand to repair Teddy’s split lip and black eye.

“Aww, I kind of wanted to keep the black eye,” Teddy says a bit sadly.

“Why?” Cole asks incredulously. 

“It would have been a nice reminder of how I kicked Caine Pritchard’s ass.”

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” Cole says, placing his wand back on the table. 

“Yeah, well, it is me,” Teddy says and Cole giggles slightly before his face falls into a frown, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Teddy, Caine… he said some awful things about you. He said that you…you were cheating on me…are you?” Cole says, his voice small and frail. 

“What? Cole, no. Of course I’m not cheating on you. That’s just a stupid lie, Pritchard told you so that you would get mad at me and break up with me. It’s not true. You know that you’re the only one I love, and the only one I want to have sex with…forever.”

“You don’t mean that?” Cole whispers.

“Hey, I mean it. I love you. You know how much I love you, and you know that I have never even felt like this for another person. You’re the one, Cole, I mean it.” 

Cole sniffs loudly, hiding his face in Teddy’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, It’s just…it’s still hard for me to acknowledge the fact that you’re even dating me, let alone in love with me. I know I’ve changed over the summer, but I still look at myself as the boy I was months before, scared, alone, and lacking in confidence.”

“But you’re not alone anymore. You have me, and I love you, and your newfound confidence, super hot. Also I can get into the growth spurt,” Teddy says, trying to cheer his boyfriend up. It works, because Cole is giggling loudly, hiccupping a little at the end. 

“Let’s just forget about Caine Pritchard okay, Ginger?” Teddy says and Cole nods vehemently. “Okay, come on, let’s skip dinner and go snuggle in my dorm.”

“But I’m hungry,” Cole pouts, and it’s just the cutest thing Teddy’s ever seen. 

“How about I bring you dinner then? We can snuggle and eat, and then fall asleep in each others arms afterwards.” Merlin, when the hell did Teddy get this romantic and suave?

“Or we could cuddle and eat, then you could fuck me against your headboard,” Cole suggests, and Teddy nearly chokes on his own spit. 


“Oh, so you’re going to refuse sex?” Cole asks incredulously and Teddy sweeps him up in a passionate kiss. 

“Are you fucking crazy? Do I look like the type of person to refuse sex?” Teddy asks, staring at his boyfriend appallingly. “I am appalled, Ginger, it’s like you don’t even know me.” 

Cole giggles, reaching down to collect his things, Teddy slaps his hands away gently and continues to pack everything away, ignoring Cole’s protests. 

“You know, you really are the perfect boyfriend,” he states, as Teddy shoulders his bag. 

“I know I am,” Teddy replies smugly, extending his hand. “Come on. Dinner and sex and cuddling awaits.”

Cole barks out a laugh and takes his hand, allowing Teddy to lead him out of the library. 

Little did they know that someone was watching them from behind a bookshelf.  

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