Rating: NC-17 (as if I write anything else)

Pairing: O’Lupin.

Word Count: 3,606.

Spoilers: Exhibitionism, spanking, rimming, bottom!Teddy, bottom from the top!Teddy, Dirty talk, tame D/s once again, and once again Cole being a badass and showing the school that nobody flirts with his man. 

Shameless smut coming at ya. And I know it’s short…well, shorter than my other O’Lupins, but it’s basically pure smut.

So enjoy.

Cole shouldn’t be mad. He really shouldn’t. sure, that bitch may be flirting with Teddy, but Teddy, but Teddy isn’t flirting back. He isn’t.

They’re in the great hall for dinner and Teddy had gotten up to leave his book bag in his dorm, but before he could exit the great hall, a fourth year Slytherin girl named Katherine had stopped him and was now “talking” to him.

She’s been talking to Teddy for ten minutes now, and Cole can’t help but notice the way she’s twirling her hair with her finger and smiling way to much. And what’s angering Cole even more is the fact that Teddy doesn’t even see it. He doesn’t try to push the bitch away, in fact it looks like he’s flirting back. 

Cole shouldn’t feel jealous. He knows that Teddy is his and he would never cheat on him with some skanky girl with big boobs, and blue eyes. Teddy loves Cole, and given that he’s worked so hard to even get Cole to agree to go on a date with him, Cole doubts that he would throw it all away on some random girl. 

He goes back to his food, trying to convince himself that Teddy will not cheat on him. He Cole trusts Teddy and that should be more than enough.

Still, all this conviction doesn’t stop Cole from looking up, hoping that Teddy’s pushed the girl away. Instead, he sees Katherine practically welded to Teddy, her arm around his neck and her lips dangerously close to his, and Cole’s had enough.

He stands up and stomps toward his boyfriend, determined to put a stop to this ridiculous flirting.  

“Teddy,” he says when he reaches them, placing his hand around Teddy’s elbow to yank him off of the girl. 

“Oh, hey Ginger,” Teddy says, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Excuse me, we were talking,” Katherine says, throwing Cole a bitchy glare. 

“Back off, bitch. He’s mine,” Cole snaps, and with that with that he drags Teddy out of the great hall, not stopping until they reach a supply closet by the grand staircase.

“Ginger, wha-” Teddy tries to say, but Cole pushes him in, closes the door, and throws him against it, immediately connecting their lips in a fiery kiss that knocks the breath out of Teddy.

“You’re mine,” Cole growls, biting harshly at teddy’s lips and neck.

“Of course I’m yours, what on earth would make you think that I wasn’t-oh!” Teddy breathes, the light bulb in his head going off. “You were jealous.”

“Of course I was jealous, that…bitch was all over you, and you didn’t even push her away,” Cole hisses, his fingers working to remove the clothing on Teddy’s upper body. 

“Trust me, Ginger, I was trying to push her away, but Katherine…she’s got more tentacles than the giant squid.”

“Well you should have tried harder. Should have told her that you have a boyfriend,” Cole says, getting frustrated that his fingers weren’t cooperating with him and moving to grab his wand to rip off his shirt. 

“Ginger!” Teddy exclaims. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Didn’t I tell you? You’re mine and I’m going to prove it. I’m going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for a week,” Cole promises, and Teddy moans deeply, wasting no time in removing the rest of his clothes. 

“Yes, please, do that. Fuck me,” Teddy begs, leaning against the door, naked and needy and Cole just wants to take him right then and there. But he has to wait. He has to tease Teddy to the point of explosion. 

“What are you waiting for?” Teddy says, his hand inching toward his half-hard cock. 

Cole reaches out and grabs Teddy’s hand, stopping him from wrapping it around his erection, and Teddy groans loudly, struggling to get free from Cole’s grasp.

“Ginger, please, touch me do something, please,” Teddy pleads, shaking with need, and Cole has to fight so hard to hold back because god his boyfriend looks so hot like this. 

Cole leans in and presses his lips to Teddy’s, kissing him languidly, and quite the opposite of how Teddy wants him to kiss him. 

“Goddamnit, Cole!” Teddy yells, moving his hips to rub up against Cole’s. Cole brings his hand down hard against Teddy’s side and Teddy gasps out in surprise. 

“I’m in charge,” Cole says simply, rubbing at the spot where he struck Teddy softly.

“Can you please, please do something. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to flirt with her,” Teddy whimpers, and Cole decides to take pity on him but wrapping his hand around his cock, making him sigh gratefully. 

“Yes, yes, Ginger, yes,” Teddy moans, immediately fucking Cole’s hand.

“I told you to not call me Ginger when we’re having sex,” Cole growls, moving the hand on Teddy’s cock harshly while he trying to remove his clothes with the other. 

“Well we’re technically not having sex. You’re just giving me a hand job.”

“Get on the floor,” Cole orders, removing his hand so he can take the rest of his clothes off easily.


“On your hands and knees, now,” Cole orders again, pushing a dumbfounded Teddy down on the floor. “Now.” Cole swats him on his ass in order for Teddy to get the message. 

Teddy realizes what Cole is doing and goes down willingly, resting his weight on his hands and knees. Cole stares at him, put on display, and Teddy’s probably enjoying it. He’s probably enjoying that Cole is finally taking this whole punishing him thing seriously. 

“You like this don’t you? Being put on display for me?” Cole says, dropping down to his knees and tracing his fingers down the expanse of Teddy’s back, bringing his hand down to come to a rest on his ass. 

“Y-yes, please, Cole do something.”

“I think you need to be punished for flirting with that girl,” Cole states, rubbing at the globes of Teddy’s ass softly. 

“I-I wasn’t flirting back,” Teddy breathes out, and Cole brings his hand down, causing him to yelp in pain.

“You were so flirting back. I know how you get when a pretty girl starts barking up your tree, baby,” Cole coos, loving the way Teddy’s ass starts to bloom red instantaneously. 

“I can’t help it, it’s in my nature to flirt,” Teddy moans, and Cole brings his hand down again. “Sweet Merlin!”

“I know it’s in your nature to flirt, my darling Teddy, but I don’t like it,” Cole drawls. “You’re mine, and I don’t like to share.”

“Cole, please, fuck, do something, fuck me please,” Teddy groans, and yelps when Cole swats him again. 

“You call me Master, remember?” Cole growls, remembering that they had implemented that rule the last time they had rough sex per Teddy’s request. That boy really liked to be dominated in every way possible it would be scary if it didn’t turn Cole on. 

“Fuck, yes, Master,” Teddy moans, raising his ass up a little bit higher. Cole stares at him, his mouth watering at the sight. 

“Look at you, sticking your ass out like a slut. That’s what you are, aren’t you? A slut. A slut who likes getting fucked hard,” Cole purrs, bringing his hand down on Teddy’s ass hard. “My slut.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Master, yes, I’m your slut,” Teddy moans shakily at Cole’s words. “Master, please, fuck me.”

“I’m still not done punishing you, darling,” Cole says, his finger tracing down the crack of Teddy’s ass teasingly. “If you behave and don’t make a sound while I’m spanking you then I’ll reward you, do you understand?”

Teddy nods, and Cole swats him. “Audible responses, dear.”

“Yes, Master, I understand,” Teddy groans, and Cole smiles wickedly to himself. 

“Good, now where was I?” He brings his hand down again, and again, and again until Teddy is sobbing in pleasure, biting his lip to stay quiet so hard that he’s pretty sure it’s bleeding. 

After a good 20 or so swats, Cole rubs at Teddy’s ass, leaning down to kiss each red cheek softly. 

“Since you were so good during your punishment, I’m going to reward you,” Cole purrs, running his tongue down the cleft of Teddy’s ass until he reaches his entrance, small and dusty pink. Teddy gasps, releasing a small whimper, unsure of whether or not he should be making noise. 

“You can make noise, baby. I want to hear how much you’re enjoying your reward…I want everybody to hear,” Cole says. He’s never been one to enjoy exhibitionism, but he needs to send a message to this school that Teddy Lupin is his and his only. Cole is not just his fuck buddy or someone he has on the side, no, he’s the only boy in Teddy’s life, and the horny girls at this school need to understand that. 

Cole uses his hands to spread Teddy’s cheeks and leans down to flatten his tongue over Teddy’s hole. Teddy shivers violently, his knees threatening to give way. 

“Oh god,” he moans, and Cole presses down harder, wanting Teddy to be louder. He dips his tongue in and moves it around, licking at Teddy’s inner walls, driving him absolutely insane. 

“M-master, please, please, fuck me!” Teddy begs, grinding his ass into Cole’s face insistently, and Teddy begging does something to Cole. He’s always liked it when Teddy begs, it gives him a sense of power. He decides whether or not Teddy gets fucked. He decides when it’s time to stop, and he just loves that.

Right now, though, Cole’s not sure whether he wants to stop teasing his boyfriend. He feels that Teddy deserves to be teased, seeing how he was flirting with a girl, a fucking girl. 

“Master?” Teddy asks, looking over his back, trying to find out why Cole’s not moving. 

“I’m not going to fuck you yet,” Cole murmurs against Teddy’s ass, and Teddy groans loudly, grinding his ass back into Cole’s face again. 

“Please!” Teddy yells exasperatingly.

“No, you’re not sufficiently stretched, darling,” Cole says simply, and returns his mouth to Teddy’s hole, licking and sucking and humming and doing everything, and it’s just driving Teddy insane. And he doesn’t even have anything to rub up against. He’s on his hands and knees, leaving his cock far away from anything to grind up on, and Cole just knows it’s hurting right now, and he can’t help himself from smirking up against Teddy’s hole. 

Cole brings up a finger to Teddy’s wet hole and slips it in right next to his tongue, going right up to the knuckle and crooking it to reach Teddy’s prostate.

“Fuck!” Teddy yells, loud enough that probably people heard him. “Master, please, please! Fuck!”

“Say my name,” Cole orders, moving his mouth up to Teddy’s spine, kissing each vertebrae until he reaches Teddy’s neck. “I want you to scream my name, Teddy, so that people know that it’s me that’s finger fucking you. So that people know that I’m the one making you moan like the cheap whore you are.”

“Fuck,” Teddy moans, and Cole twists his finger in harshly, causing Teddy to yell in both pain and pleasure. 

“That’s not my name,” Cole growls. “I want you to say my fucking name.”

“Fuck damnit, shit, Cole! Cole, god, fuck me, please, Cole fuck me!” Teddy screams, and Cole grins smugly, biting down onto Teddy’s shoulder blade. “Please,” Teddy whimpers, and because he sounds so damn desperate, Cole decides to take mercy on him. He removes his finger from Teddy’s ass and moves to grab his wand, lubricating his hand up and rubbing it up and down his shaft.

He moves behind his whimpering boyfriend and rubs the head of his cock against his hole teasingly, earning a groan from Teddy. Cole reaches forward and grabs at Teddy’s hair, yanking him back so that he can kiss him deeply. 

“I love you,” he whispers against Teddy’s lips to let him know that even though he’s going at this rough, he still loves Teddy, and that’s not going to change just because Teddy was flirting with a skanky girl. 

“I love you to-oh fucking fuck!” Teddy yells, shaking violently because Cole just shoves his cock in his ass in one smooth thrust, and he wasn’t properly stretched, so it probably hurt, but Cole knows deep inside that Teddy probably liked it. 

“Fuck yessss,” Teddy screams, his fingers pressing into the cold stone floor. Cole grabs onto Teddy’s hips, stilling for a moment to get used to the tight feeling of Teddy, before pulling back until the head of his cock is inside of Teddy and pushing back in, harshly. There’s no way Cole’s going to show Teddy mercy right now, he’s supposed to be punishing him. That’s why Cole isn’t exactly going nice and slow. No, he’s hitting it hard, pounding into Teddy with such ferocity that has Teddy’s arms giving out, launching him into the floor; his ass raised up into the air. He tries to get up, but Cole uses a hand to push him down, pinning him down to the floor while repeatedly thrusting into him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Teddy mutters against the floor, trying to push back, but Cole’s hand impeding him to do so. 

“Can’t hear you, darling,” Cole groans, his fingers tightening into Teddy’s flesh forcefully. 

“Fuck! Oh god, that’s so good, Master!” Teddy moans, his breathing coming out in short pants.

Cole stops his movements, pulling out of Teddy and sitting down on the floor. He doesn’t really give a shit that it’s cold, and dirty right now, all he wants is to be inside of Teddy again. 

Teddy turns his head to look back at him, puzzlement the main expression. “Why did you stop, Master?” he asks innocently, and god damn Cole can’t stand it when he talks like that. It makes him want to corrupt Teddy.

“Because, you’re going to ride me,” Cole says, and Teddy sits up, his eyes shining in excitement. “Would you like that, my little slut?” 

Teddy nods, and immediately goes to straddle Cole’s thighs, scooting up until he was directly over Cole’s cock. Teddy sinks down slowly, throwing his head back and letting out a long moan until his ass was flush with Cole’s thighs. He makes to move, but Cole stops him, gripping onto Teddy’s hips. 

“I want you to scream my name, my real name. I want this whole damn castle to know that you’re mine. That you belong to me, and only me, understood?”

“Y-yes,” Teddy gasps out, his nails scratching down Cole’s back, clearly desperate to start moving. Cole begins to roll his hips up, sending Teddy jerking upwards. He growls and starts moving up and down, riding Cole expertly, moving up and down Cole’s cock, swiveling his hips occasionally, and it just feels so fucking good that Cole’s own movements start going crazy. He’s not even bothering staying in rhythm, he just wants to focus on Teddy, riding him, his hair sweaty and hanging limp, his mouth open, yelling out obscenities mixed in with Cole’s name. 

Cole leans in to lick and bite at the salty nape of Teddy’s neck, listening to the beautiful whimpers and moans his boyfriend releases. 

“Fuck, Cole, Cole, please…oh god, fuck me. Harder, please fuck me harder,” Teddy screams, his voice going more high pitched every time Cole hits his prostate.

“Mmm, that’s right, yell my name. show everybody what a slut you are. You’re such a cockslut, Teddy… it’s a little cute, but mostly it’s fucking hot,” Cole moans, the heat in his lower stomach growing with each thrust. He’s going to come and god, is he going to come hard. 

“Only for you, only for you,” Teddy babbles, moving faster, and Cole can tell that he’s on the brink of his own orgasm. “Fuck, make me come, Cole, please, make me come.”

Cole takes this as his cue to start moving his hips faster, angling them just right so that he can hit Teddy’s prostate with every stroke in, rewarding him with a yell from his boyfriend. 

Teddy makes to wrap a hand around his cock, but Cole stops him, ignoring the whimper that rises from Teddy’s throat. 

“You’re only going to come from my cock alone?” Cole simply says, and Teddy nods, grabbing onto Cole’s shoulders to grind furiously down on his cock, his eyes screwed shut in pleasure. 

With one final thrust Cole’s coming hard, just like he predicted. He keeps fucking Teddy throughout his orgasm, and with one final jab at his prostate Teddy is also coming, yelling out Cole’s name embarrassingly loud. He rides out his orgasm ignoring Cole’s wince at the oversensitivity kicking in. he really doesn’t care right now. 

When they’re both done coming, Teddy slumps down against Cole’s chest, trying to regain his breathing, but finding that quite difficult. 

Cole pats Teddy’s back, letting him know to raise himself up a little bit so that he can slip out of him. The oversensitivity is really becoming unbearable by the second. When Teddy remains unresponsive, Cole lifts him up, sliding out of Teddy with a wince.

“Are you alright there?” he asks Teddy, who looks up and gives Cole a sated smile.

“Fucking fantastic,” he mumbles, and Cole chuckles. 

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed your punishment.”

“Maybe I should flirt with girls more often, seeing as it gets me really great sex.”

Cole freezes. Uhm, no, that’s not what he wants. Didn’t he just fuck Teddy’s brains out to prove to the school that Teddy is his? 

“You will do no such thing,” Cole snaps forcefully. “I did this to teach you a lesson. No flirting with girls…or anybody for that matter.”

“Alright, alright, don’t have to cut my tail off,” Teddy says, leaning in to rest his head on Cole’s chest. 

“I love you, you know that?” he says, and Cole smiles. He’s still not used to Teddy saying those three words to him. He never thought that anybody would want to. 

“I love you too.”

“Can we just stay here, I’m sleepy,” Teddy yawns, but Cole shakes his head. 

“I am not sleeping on the dirty, cold floor,” he says, scrunching up his nose in disgust. 

“You had sex on it,” Teddy points out.

“Well, yeah, but that was because I didn’t give a fuck, I just wanted to fuck you,” Cole answers, and Teddy smirks up at him.

“You know you’re really hot when you curse.”

“Am I?”

“Yeah, it gets me all hot and bothered,” Teddy says seductively, kissing up Cole’s chest. 

“Well you better cool down because we’re not sleeping or having sex on this floor again,” Cole says, pushing Teddy away so he can stand up.

“Alright, fine, can we have sex when we get back to the dormitory?” Teddy asks hopefully. 

“Yeah, why not,” Cole says. Really what’s wrong with another go? 

Teddy chuckles and bends down to pick his underwear up. Cole leans back a little, admiring the view of Teddy’s still red ass cheeks, and tries not to let out a groan of disappointment when Teddy slips his underwear on. 

“Ow, Ginger, you really tortured my ass,” Teddy grimaces, rubbing his hand down his abused ass. “Yeah, that’s going to hurt in the morning.”

“I thought you liked corporal punishment,” Cole recalls, giggling slightly. 

“Hey, I never said I didn’t like it,” Teddy defends, and continues to put the remainder of his clothes on. 

Cole follows suit, slipping his uniform back on in record time.

“We have to face the entire school, you know,” he comments, and now he realizes that Teddy was loud…like really loud, and he’s certain that a majority of the school heard. He’s now going to have to face everybody, right after he had sex with his boyfriend in a broom closet. Oh my god, what if McGonagall’s out there? 

“I don’t really care,” Teddy shrugs, bringing Cole out of his reverie. 

“You don’t care?”

“Nope. The entire school knows I’m a slut, this pretty much cemented that fact,” Teddy says nonchalantly. 

“You really don’t care what the school thinks about you?” Cole asks agitatedly.

“No, and you shouldn’t either. Cole, who gives a fuck what they have to say, or even think? All that matters is what you and I think. Our relationship is ours, not the entire school’s. So everybody thinks I’m a slut, I don’t give a fuck.”

Cole stares at Teddy. He really does have a point, but it’s just something that Cole always does. He’s used to caring about what other people think about him. Maybe he should try to be more like Teddy and not care so much about the thoughts of others. 

“You’re right…but still, a lot of people will be talking about this.”

“I don’t care. I’ll flip them all off if you want me too,” Teddy says, winding an arm around Cole’s waist, bringing him closer.

Cole giggles. “Oh, my hero.”

“You know it,” Teddy whispers, closing the distance between their lips.

Cole kisses him back briefly before he pulls away and hugs Teddy, pressing his head in the nook of Teddy’s throat. 

“Are you ready to go out there?” Teddy asks, and Cole sighs heavily, grabbing his wand off of the floor. 

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Teddy gives him a small peck and opens the door. He reaches out for Cole’s hand and walks forward, the two of them ignoring the catcalls, and cheers people where giving them. Cole glances around despite himself and finds that he doesn’t care. Everybody can whisper all they want.

Cole knows that they don’t matter. 

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