so that’s the prompt. although I’m absolutely sure that I’ve diverged from it greatly. 

oh well.

kinks used: Biting and Bondage. 

and thank Andrea (admiller) she gave me so many ideas for this fic, including the kinks.

so I hope you enjoy. 

and I want to be clear, this is porn. no likey, no read. 

Teddy not even remotely close to regretting this decision. Breaking into Cole’s dorm isn’t even that big of a deal, it’s not like he’s going in to rob them. He’s breaking in for sex, that’s not so bad is it? 

And besides, it’s a Saturday afternoon and the entire tower is either eating lunch, or enjoying the sunny day by taking a stroll through the grounds. Cole however, had declined Teddy’s offer of sex under a tree, saying he had some things to do in his dorm. He probably just said it to avoid being humiliated in public, so Teddy’s decided to pay him a little visit. 

Now he only has to remember the password, what was the one Cole used yesterday…Nogtails, that’s it. 

“Nogtails,” he murmurs to the fat lady. She looks at him quizzically and Teddy throws her a smile and hurries in, climbing the stairs to the dorms. He finds it empty. 

Hmm, that’s weird, Teddy didn’t see Cole in the common room. He must be in here. Teddy’s seriously considering searching under the bed when he hears a faint moan come from the direction of the bathroom.


What in the hell was that? Teddy may be dreaming, but it just sounded like Cole moaning his name. Wanting to know for sure, Teddy tiptoes across the room and presses his ear to the bathroom door, trying to block out all other noise. 

“Teddy, fuck, bite me,” Cole moans, and Teddy’s heart nearly stops. 

Oh sweet Merlin, did Teddy’s cock just twitch? Yes, it did. 

“Fuck, right there, please.”

Teddy bites his lip, trying hard not to moan out loud, his hand itching to grab his own cock. 

Would it be inappropriate to jerk off in Cole’s bed? The bathroom is already occupied and it’s not like Teddy’s going to go all the way to his own dorm to rub one out. What if Cole comes out though? What would he do? Would he scream at Teddy? Or would he pounce on him and make sweet, sweet love to him? 

That would be pretty hot. Now all Teddy can picture is Cole pounding into him with no mercy, his hands on Teddy’s thighs, helping him move faster.

“Nggnh, Teddy, fuck, bite me harder,” 

Oh sweet hell, now the picture in Teddy’s mind turns into Cole on his back with Teddy inside of him, pressed close together so that Teddy can bite at the juncture where Cole’s neck and collarbone meet, and oh my god, Teddy’s so hard it actually hurts. 

Oh what the hell, he thinks, and runs to Cole’s bed. He plops down and after shucking his pants off, wraps his hand around his hard erection and starts to move it slowly, using the pre-come bubbling at the tip as lube. 

He tries to keep quiet, listening to the soft moans and whimpers coming from the bathroom. Damn, why the hell does Cole’s bed have to be the farthest away from the bathroom. 

Suddenly, Teddy gets an idea. Scrunching his face in concentration, Teddy’s ears suddenly change into a pair of dog ears. He probably looks ridiculous, but he can’t really think of any other pair of ears that have the ability to hear as clearly as a dogs ears. 

And he’s right, because now he can hear Cole a lot more clearly. He can actually hear the soft little pants of breath he takes, and the faint sound of his hand gliding over his cock. It’s so tantalizing and makes Teddy’s own hand work even more furiously over his own cock. 

“Fuck,” he murmurs, his thumb brushing over the blunt tip of his cock. He closes his mind and imagines what Cole must be thinking about. Clearly he’s imagining Teddy biting him, but where? His neck? His stomach, what about his thighs! Not his cock obviously, that would be painful. Oh! What if Cole’s imagining Teddy biting his ass. Now, Teddy is picturing Cole on his stomach, his ass in the air, covered in bites; and his skin is a dull rosy color, and oh my god, can that happen?

Teddy accidentally releases a not so quiet moan, and his super sensitive ears hear Cole stop. Fuck, it’s only a matter of seconds before he gets out of the bathroom and smacks Teddy on the head for even doing this here. 

And speak of the devil, the bathroom door opens to reveal a disheveled looking Cole. His skin is flushed and he’s only in his boxers and a white shirt. He actually looks really sexy.

“What the hell are you doing?” he says, staring daggers at Teddy, who’s cock is still out and in his hand. 


“You on my bed with your dick out is supposed to be a surprise?” Cole asks, quirking an eyebrow.

“Uhm… yes?” Teddy tries, grinning broadly.

“How did you even get in here?” Cole asks, quirking a little smile at Teddy’s ears.

“Password, duh,” Teddy scoffs.

“You know you look silly with a pair of dog ears.”

“I-what?” Teddy says. Oh right, he still has the dog ears. No wonder his hearing was crystal clear. “Eh, I’ll keep them on for right now. They make me look sexy, don’t you think?“ he grins, and resumes the movements on his cock. 

“What are you doing?” Cole squeaks, jumping back a little bit. 

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m jerking off,” Teddy explains, locking eyes with Cole.

“On my bed?”

“Do you want me to do it on the floor?” 

“W-why?” Cole asks and Teddy knows he’s not talking about the fact that he just offered to jerk off on the floor. 

“Why am I jerking off?” he inquires, squeezing at the base of his cock to avoid him from arriving early. “Well, you were jerking off in there so I thought we’d make it even”

“D-did you…uhm…hear me…” Cole asks fretfully, his fingers toying with the hem of his shirt, anxiously

“Jerking off? Yeah, totally did. You sounded really hot. Although, I must ask, did you picture me biting you?” Teddy questions, releasing a soft moan.

“No!” Cole squeaks, hiding his blush behind the bathroom door. 

“Ginger, I clearly heard you, I have dog ears remember? And at some point I heard you moan for me to bite you harder.”

Cole gasps, and slams the door shut. Teddy still having his dog ears, hears the faint sound of crying. 

“Oh shit,” he murmurs and gets up, walks over to the bathroom and tries to open it. “Gi-Cole, open up.”

No answer. 

“Cole, baby, please open up, whatever I might’ve said I didn’t mean it.”

Cole whimpers softly and Teddy wants to kick himself. Damn, he really is an asshole. 

“Cole, I’m coming in,” Teddy warns and pulls his wand out. “Alohamora,” he whispers and the door clicks open. He pushes it open and finds Cole at the sink, his face covered in tears. 

“Oh, Cole.” Teddy hurries over and engulfs Cole in his arms, caressing his back softly. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing,” Cole sobs quietly, but Teddy doesn’t believe him. 

“Bullshit, what’s wrong?” he presses on, holding Cole at arms length. 

“You’re going to laugh at me,” Cole murmurs, turning his head to avoid Teddy’s gaze.

“I still want to know,” Teddy says softly, tilting Cole’s face up. He’s seen Cole cry before and it doesn’t scare him…well, not anymore

“I…uhm…you’re right,” Cole whispers, his bottom lip trembling.

“I don’t mean to be…insensitive right now, but of course I was right…about what though?”

“I was imagining you biting me,” Cole admits, looking as if that was the worst offense in the world. 

“Uhm, Ginger, how is that a bad thing?” Teddy asks, bewildered by Cole’s attitude towards this. This is actually a good thing. Teddy never imagined that Cole would have a kink, and especially not one that would involve pain. This pipsqueak was full of surprises. 

“It’s a kink!” Cole exclaims scandalously. “I can’t have a kink, it’s…weird.”

“In what way?” Teddy asks, resisting the urge to laugh. This has got to be the weirdest conversation ever. “It’s normal to have kinks. I have lots of them.”

“I know you do! But it’s you…it’s normal for you to have kinks,” Cole says.

“It’s normal for everyone to have kinks,” Teddy tries to reason, but Cole keeps shaking his head. “Cole, it’s normal. Stop doing that. Stop thinking that you’re some sort of freak because you have a small biting kink.”

“And bondage,” Cole whispers, too low for Teddy’s human ears to pick it up, but Teddy doesn’t have normal ears right now. 

“What? Bondage too?” he asks, and Cole shakes his head hurriedly. 

“No! no, I-uhm…no, I didn’t say bondage.”

“You seem to forget that I still have dog ears and they can hear everything.”

Cole’s mouth hangs open, and his breath is coming in quick pants. He’s actually really scared that Teddy’s going to get freaked out. Teddy, the one who constantly begs Cole to spank him.

“You’re totally going to break up with me aren’t you?” Cole asks fearfully. 

“No! Do I look like the type of person that would break up with you over a kink?” Teddy asks, raising his eyebrows. He actually thinks he has worse ones, to be totally honest. 

“O-okay,” Cole says, his tone not convincing Teddy at all. 

“Come here,” Teddy says, leading Cole to his bed. He pushes him down and straddles his thighs, removing his own shirt all the while. 

“W-what are you doing?” Cole asks, his hands automatically going to rub at Teddy’s thighs. 

“I am going to make you feel good,” Teddy responds, pulling on the hem of Cole’s shirt. Cole lifts himself up slightly to make it easier. As soon as his shirt’s off Teddy just stares, just like he always does. He doesn’t care what Cole says, Teddy’s in love with his body. his flat tummy, his small rosy pink nipples, and the line of soft red hair leading to the one place on Cole’s body that Teddy loves more than his stomach. 

Teddy also loves that Cole’s body is so smooth. It makes him just want to stay in bed all day and lick him all over. He traces his fingers delicately throughout Cole’s chest, taking time to tweak his nipples the way he likes to. 

“Oh god,” Cole moans, arching his back a little.

“Can I?” Teddy mumbles, moving his lips to Cole’s neck. “Bite you?”

Cole breathes in sharply, his body tensing beneath Teddy’s, and Teddy takes a deep breath, preparing himself for rejection.

“Y-yes,” Cole says shakily, exposing his neck even further. “Bite me,” he moans desperately. 

“You know you just sounded like one of those desperate girls in vampire movies,” Teddy chuckles, collecting the small beads of sweat from Cole’s neck.

“Just shut up and bite me,” Cole growls, and Teddy groans. He loves that Cole has been getting more assertive when it comes to sex. 

“Please,” Cole whimpers, craning his neck out towards Teddy’s lips. “You said you were going to make me feel good, this will make me feel good.”

And really how can Teddy refuse Cole when he’s begging so nicely? He tentatively brings his mouth to Cole’s exposed neck and sinks his teeth down, earning him a gasp from the other boy.  

“Oh,” Cole moans, his voice hitching slightly. “Again,” he asks, his fingers tightening in Teddy’s hair. 

Teddy obliges biting down again, only this time he bites down hard enough to leave a crescent shaped mark. Loving the soft little moans that Cole releases and the way his fingers pull at Teddy’s hair with every bite. 

“You like that don’t you?” Teddy murmurs against Cole’s reddened skin. “You love that this is going to get all dark and red, and it’s going to remind you that you’re mine.”

Cole moans loudly at the possessive edge in Teddy’s voice, inadvertently bucking his hips up into Teddy’s. 

“You do like it,” Teddy growls, reaching down to palm at Cole’s erection. “I love the way you get hard for me, and only me.”

“Only you,” Cole murmurs, rutting up into Teddy desperately. 

“Damn right only me, I’m the only one that can make you feel like this,” Teddy says, rubbing Cole more insistently. He pulls away, ignoring Cole’s whine at the loss of his mouth to remove Cole’s underwear. That layer was not doing anything for him, and he wanted to feel Cole’s cock in his hand. Wanted to make him come apart like he always does. 

“Fuck,” Cole groans, bucking up into the warmth of Teddy’s trained hand. Seriously, Teddy’s got a trained hand. Who knows how many times he’s rubbed one out in his teenage years. His right hand is probably bigger than his left one, but that’s beside the point. 

Teddy starts jerking Cole off quickly, the desperation to see his Ginger lose control outweighing everything else. 

“T-Teddy, wait, you have to be naked too,” Cole pants, halting his movements. 

Oh right, Teddy’s still clothed from the bottom. He makes quick work of the rest of his clothes and then he’s back on top of Cole, jerking him off while he bites at the creamy skin of his chest, fueled on by the moans erupting from Cole’s mouth; that were getting louder and louder with each bite. 

It’s certainly something new for Teddy, this whole biting thing. None of his previous sexual partners have ever had a thing for biting, and it really is a shame. Teddy loves doing this, he loves the reactions a tiny little bite can produce. He also likes the idea of marking someone this way. Teddy’s not ashamed to say that he’s possessive. Not in the crazy, psycho way. He just likes to know that the person he’s banging time and time again is his and his only. Okay, maybe that does sound a little bit crazy, but it’s all in good fun. 

Teddy continues the trek down Cole’s chest, leaving little bite marks along the way, until he makes it to Cole’s lower abdomen, after nosing at Cole’s pubic hair for a second he starts biting at his inner thighs, trying to avoid his cock. 

Apparently, Cole doesn’t like that, because he makes an impatient noise and shoves his cock into Teddy’s face.

“Don’t tease me,” he warns seriously. 

“Tease you? Whatever do you mean?” Teddy asks feigning puzzlement, and Cole growls, actually fucking growls at him. Oh, well hello spitfire Cole, it sure is nice to see you.

Teddy smirks and sinks his mouth down on Cole’s cock taking him in deeply at once, and Cole thrusts up deliberately, causing Teddy to choke for a bit. 

“Y-you said that whenever you give me h-head I should fuck your mouth,” Cole explains, looking slightly ashamed. 

“And you’re listening, good job, Ginger,” Teddy purrs, sinking his head back down, giving Cole’s thighs a quick pat to let him know it’s okay to thrust up. 

Cole starts moving his hips rapidly for a little bit before he’s pulling away suddenly. 

“Wait, what the hell was that for?” Teddy asks, grabbing at Cole’s thighs to pull him in again. But Cole resists, pulling away completely to sit upright on the bed.

“Uhm, Ginger, I was giving you head, you know that right?” Teddy asks, glancing at Cole suspiciously. There is not way that somebody just pulls away when they’re getting a blowjob from him. No freaking way.

“Yes I know that, but I wanted to…request something,” Cole asks nervously, blushing a delicate shade of pink. 

Immediately Teddy softens, and he reaches out to caress Cole’s cheek softly. “What would you like?”

“I was wondering if I could maybe…tie you up?” Cole asks, ducking his head down. “And then ride you.”

Teddy’s eyes widen. Well, that was a…a weird request from someone like Cole, but then again, Teddy found out today that Cole at least has a kinky side. It shouldn’t be that surprising that Cole wants to tie him up and ride him. It’s actually really, really hot. So hot that Teddy’s cock is basically aching with arousal, and all he wants is to be tied up to the headboard with Cole riding him like a bucking bronco. 

Yeah, let’s make that happen. 

“Tie me up with what?” Teddy asks, not even bothering to keep the excitement out of his voice. 

“Oh, wow, you’re actually going with this, okay,” Cole breathes. “You really are a kinky son of a bitch.”

“You’re only realizing this now?” Teddy asks incredulously. “Have I not been trying to convince you to punish me at least twice a day since we started having sex? Oh my god!” he gasps suddenly. “You wanting to tie me up means that you can totally punish me!”

“Oh my god,” Cole groans, but Teddy is reaching for his wand and after thinking for a moment, flicks it. Cole stares as the tip of Teddy’s wand turns into something resembling a whip 

“Are you kidding me right now?” he bites out.

“No. it’s cool, Ron taught me how to do this. Although, not with a whip,” Teddy says, twisting the whip in between his fingers. 

“I keep on forgetting that you’re associated with crazy people,” Cole states, looking at the whip with distaste. 

“Hey, those guys are my family, they’ve been with me since I was a baby. And Ron‘s been a great help, teaching me all of these spells. I remember the day he taught me how to transfigure my wand like it was yesterday,” Teddy argues playfully, brushing the whip over Cole’s leg, causing him to shudder. 

“Was it actually yesterday?” Cole says, raising his eyebrow slightly. 

“It was actually a year ago. He was actually going to teach me more, but then his wife came up and hit him with a newspaper.”

“An occurrence that seems to happen a lot at your place,” Cole points out, and the truth is he was actually right. Hermione always seemed to hit Ron in the head with something every time he was over. 

“Okay, the point is that you can totally punish me now,” Teddy says.

“I’m tying you up, but I’m not using that…thing on you,” Cole says definitively. 

“Just spank me with this,” Teddy demands, but Cole shakes his head. 

“You’re not in a position to order me around, honey,” Cole says, his dangerously low. 

Oh sweet Merlin, really? Cole was going to be like that and not punish Teddy? What the hell? 

“Oh really?” 

“Really, now shut up and lay down,” Cole orders, and Teddy quickly scrambles back.

“Do you want me to spread my legs? Or do any position in particular?”

Cole ignores him and goes to his nightstand, taking out two Gryffindor ties. “Arms out,” he says, straddling Teddy’s thighs.

“Okay,” Teddy groans and throws his arms up for Cole to grab. Cole ties Teddy up deftly, almost as if he’s been practicing his knot, and kisses Teddy’s right wrist softly before biting it, hard. Teddy yelps and this seems to spur Cole on. He bites his way down Teddy’s arm until he makes it to his chest and he starts working on a hickey on his shoulder.

“I t-thought you were the one that l-liked to be b-bitten,” Teddy stutters, his eyes rolling back into his head at the sensation of Cole’s fucking tongue and teeth on his shoulder.

“I never really specified,” Cole states, as he nips, and sucks at the skin until a dark purple bruise appears. “There.”

“Cole, please, do something,” Teddy begs, hands straining against his restraints.

“What do you want me to do Teddy? Do you want me to suck your cock?” Teddy nods emphatically. Yes, he wants that very much. Hew actually needs that more than he wants it at this point. 

“Hmm, I kind of want to play with you though,” Cole purrs, his face twisting into a wicked smirk.

“P-play in what way?” Teddy asks, timidly. Timidly? Why in the hell is he nervous? He should be excited that his boyfriend has finally decided to spice things up.

Cole remains silent, and pulls away from Teddy’s body, raising himself up to his knees so that his body is not touching Teddy’s body. He brings his fingers to Teddy’s mouth and the tied up boy sucks them in without any hesitation, dragging his teeth across the pads of Cole’s fingers, bringing out a low growl from the smaller boy.

“I think I’ll punish you for teasing me earlier, darling,” Cole says, as he trails a spit slick finger down his own body to his entrance.

Oh god no, no, no, no. Cole knows that Teddy is the one that stretches him. Him and nobody else. Why in the world did he have to tease him earlier. And it’s not like he can do anything, he’s tied up and his wand/whip is on the floor. 

Cole inserts his index finger in, moaning softly to himself and Cole is having a really hard time not touching him. He’s so used to fingering Cole and getting him ready that it feels weird for him not to be doing it right now. It’s driving him insane looking at his boyfriend, who’s already moved on to a second finger. He pumps those fingers slowly savoring Teddy’s reaction.

“Oh god, Teddy. I can’t wait until I’m riding your cock. Your thick cock is going to feel so much better than my thin fingers. Oh fuck!” He wails and Teddy can tell that his fingers have found his prostate.

“C-Cole, please, just…fuck hurry up!” Teddy begs desperately, bracing his feet on the bed so he can thrust up, trying to rub up against anything to give him some goddamn relief. 

“But I’m not properly stretched yet,” Cole pouts, moving on to a second finger and pumping those in rapidly. 

“Fuck,” Teddy hisses, disappointed that he can’t replace Teddy’s fingers with his own.

“You’re the one that said you wanted me to punish you,” Cole points out, biting on his lower in a way that was way too sinful. 

“Yeah, by spanking me, not by fucking yourself on your fingers in front of me,” Teddy grits out, his knuckles white from holding onto the ties so hard. 

“I can make it worse for you,” Cole says, removing his fingers.

“Really? How can it possibly get worse?” Teddy asks.

“I can do this.” Cole turns himself around so that he’s facing away from Teddy, his ass now in Teddy’s face. 

Oh fuck. 

Yeah, Teddy can definitely see how that can be worse.

And it gets worse when Cole brings his fingers back to his partially stretched hole and inserts two back in, not even bothering with going slow. Apparently his mission now is to kill Teddy very slowly.

“Cole, fuck, are you trying to kill me?” Teddy cries, and Cole answers by pushing his ass out further into Teddy’s face. “Fuck me, you are.” 

Cole giggles gleefully, riding his fingers a little longer. Teddy breathes heavily while watching him move, this is excruciating. Cole is not allowed to look so damn… hot while teasing him. It’s just unfair. 

“Cole, please.” he pleads, but Cole ignores him, thrusting his fingers in faster. “Please, I’m about to self combust over here!”

Cole turns around, his eyes locking with Teddy’s. He notices the sheer desperation in Teddy’s and sighs. “Fine,” he says, and extracts his fingers while turning around. He grabs his wand from his bedside table and points it at his hand. “You are so damn impatient.”

“I think I’m allowed to be impatient. You…oh my god!” words are failing Teddy because he’s never seen his boyfriend look so damn hot, and that’s saying something because Teddy always thinks Cole looks hot. 

“Well thank you,” Cole smiles, and grabs at Teddy’s cock to position it at his entrance. Before he can slide down though he pauses, biting on his lower lip nervously. “W-what if I don’t…you know, do it right?”

“Are you kidding? You’ll be great. And besides, anybody can do it,” Teddy encourages, smiling warmly at the other boy. “Do you need me to change my hair color again to make you happy?”

Cole giggles and shakes his head. “No, I like your turquoise hair.”

“Especially during sex.”

“Stop it, Teddy.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, can you please impale yourself on me, damnit,” Teddy whines. He was getting really desperate. 

Cole smirks and rubs Teddy’s cock over his entrance teasingly, causing Teddy to groan loudly and thrust his hips up in an attempt to breach the ring of muscle. 

“Please!” he keens, and Cole decides to take mercy on him by sliding down, moaning loudly until he bottoms out, sitting flush on Teddy’s thighs. 

Teddy breathes out harshly, waiting for Cole to adjust, watching him wiggle his hips slightly.

“Cole, fuck, move,” Teddy demands, giving his hips a sharp thrust up, and Cole whimpers softly before beginning to move his hips at the same pace he had when he impaled himself on Teddy’s cock, slow and torturous. Too slow for Teddy’s taste, he bucks his hips up roughly eliciting a loud moan from the other boy.


“You’re moving way too slow,” Teddy says, moving his hips up. “I want you to work my dick, I want you to bounce.”

“You want bounce, eh?” Cole says, and literally starts bouncing up and down on Teddy’s dick, swiveling his hips every so often, causing Teddy to groan, and move with Cole. 

“Fuck Teddy, oh god, so good, so good,” Cole moans, arching his back so much that he actually has to reach back and brace himself on Teddy’s legs. 

Teddy throws his head back, and bucks his hips up, trying to send Cole over the edge as soon as possible.

Cole’s legs begin to shake and Teddy can tell he’s close, which means he’ll start to get louder. Oh here it goes.

“Oh Teddy, fuck yes! God, Harder, harder, oh yes!” he yells at the top of his lungs, straightening out, and riding Teddy like he was born to do it, his nails raking Teddy’s stomach. 

“Cole, s-so damn close,” Teddy warns, just like he always does, and that only incites Cole to go even faster, his moans so damn loud that Teddy’s almost certain that the whole damn will hear him.

Teddy’s is right there. Right fucking there. All it’s going to take is just a few more seconds before he completely loses it. 

“Oh god!” Cole keens and comes, hot all over Teddy’s chest, bucking wildly to ride out his orgasm. 

He actually looks so damn hot that Teddy can’t hold his own orgasm off anymore and he comes inside of Cole, his vision tunneling in- wait, are those stars? 

He wakes up a short while later to come face to face with Cole. Literally face to face, Cole’s face is mere centimeters away from Teddy’s. 

“Oh thank Merlin you’re awake,” Cole breathes, relief evident in his voice. 

“Did I pass out?” 

“For about 30 seconds,” Cole states, and grabs a washcloth to clean off Teddy’s chest and stomach. “I was really starting to freak out. I thought that I had killed you.”

“With sex? I don’t think such a thing is possible,” Teddy comments, and stretches his arms out. Oh, they’re untied. 

“When did you untie me?” 

“About 10 seconds after I realized you passed out,” Cole says, throwing the cloth away and crawling up to Teddy’s side. “I really got scared.” 

“No need to be scared, Ginger, I’m alright. If anything me passing out proved that you’re fucking amazing. I mean, oh my god.”

“Did you like it?” Cole asks fearfully. 

“Did you not notice me passing out?” 

“I’ve been wanting to tie you up for a while now,” Cole muses, running his fingers through Teddy’s turquoise hair. Teddy scrunches up his face and it turns yellow, making Cole giggle delightfully. 

“I don’t know why you changing your appearance makes me giggle now, when before it would irritate me,” Cole says, pulling at Teddy’s hair playfully. 

“Because now you love me,” Teddy says, smiling widely. 

“Not there yet,” Cole replies. “I like you a lot, a lot, a lot, but do I love you? Not yet.”

“Aww, Ginger, you like, like me,” Teddy cries, pressing himself into Cole. “I like, like you too!”

“Are you serious, or kidding?” Cole asks seriously, pushing Teddy away to gauge at his reaction. 

“Serious,” Teddy answers, and he really is serious. He knows for sure that he’s not in love with Cole yet. It’s way too early for those kinds of feelings, but he knows that he really likes being Cole’s boyfriend. He likes all the hand holding and small little kisses in the hallways. It’s something so new for him and he loves sharing it with Cole, he likes what Cole makes him feel. That warm and fuzzy feeling that he’s always thought was incredibly stupid. While he doesn’t love Cole yet, he definitely likes him more than he did when they first started going out. 

Cole smiles and leans in to press a tender kiss to Teddy’s lips. Here’s another thing Teddy likes. He likes that whenever Cole is happy he always kisses Teddy in such an affectionate way. No underlying lust, just sheer, unadulterated warmth. 

“So, we got my kinks out of the way, it’s time for yours,” Cole states. “And not the spanking one.”

“Awww,” Teddy pouts. “Thankfully that’s not the only kink I have.”

“How many others do you have? And what are they?” Cole asks, a little apprehensively.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

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