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[cries but also keeps eyeliner intact]

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I’ve never really been anyone’s boyfriend.
Me neither.

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DarrenCriss: I’m going live on youtube now with @janemarielynch to answer questions about this episode

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I Was Thinking We Could Go Do Something Dirty (5x16 reaction fic NC-17)


(Oh yes, we’ve reached the point where I’m naming klaine fic after a Gay Pimp song. If you expected better from me I regret to inform you that you’ve been following the wrong person all along.)

Blaine’s scrubbing a towel over his head and tugs it down to find Sam standing outside the bathroom door, waiting for his turn in the shower. “It’s okay, I didn’t take all the hot water,” he promises.

"Whew, good. I’ve got this audition today, they’ve emailed me like four times and it sounds weirder and weirder with each one - I just wanna be as clean and normal as possible, and also whoa."

"Whoa?" Blaine’s face scrunches in confusion, but Sam’s already got one hand hovering over the surface of the skin on his shoulder, and it makes contact as he slides down to Blaine’s upper arm, all the way to his elbow.

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New lip purchase. Craving by MAC I finally got my light plum lipstick :)

New lip purchase. Craving by MAC I finally got my light plum lipstick :)

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janemarielynch: #GleeAlong @DarrenCriss wettin’ his whistle 

janemarielynch: #GleeAlong @DarrenCriss wettin’ his whistle 

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5x17 reaction fic: so I got to thinking - how many guys hit on kurt and blaine while at the gay bar (◠‿◠)

They aren’t over doing it with the drinks tonight. They want to have fun and celebrate, not get totally wasted. It’s more fun to dance sober anyway, thinks Kurt. 

Rachel looks like she’s having the time of her life. From Kurt’s seat on the couch, laying on Blaine and Santana, she laughs loudly as a guy in tight black jeans and nothing else grinds on her. She sort of deserves it after the last few days. Weeks, really. 

"Oh my god, you’re so hot."

Kurt turns to see a guy leaning up against Santana, looking down at him with wide eyes. 

"Oh, hello," he says. He giggles just a bit. Okay, so a little bit of drinking had happened. Weak stuff, though. 

"God, please dance with me," says the guy. 

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prompt: reaction fic for 5x17 where kurt and blaine turn into horny little exhibitionists when they go to their favorite gay club. aka semi-public frottage.

Kurt has that look on his face, the one that reminds Blaine a little too much of a cat about to pounce, when he leans in to brush his lips against Blaine’s ear and say, “Let’s go be reckless.”

Blaine flushes. He doesn’t have to ask what Kurt means, because they’ve been here plenty of times before, and have maybe developed a bit of a reputation for sneaking off and being reckless.

"We’re here for Rachel," Blaine reminds him, and Kurt laughs, tugging at each end of Blaine’s undone bow tie.

"Rachel’s on the swing being fed grapes by hunky shirtless men. I don’t think she’ll mind if we disappear for a little bit, sweetheart."

"Huh, really? I thought that only happened in movies…" Blaine says, trailing off because Kurt’s already leading him over to the booth in the corner - the one tucked just out of sight of the dance floor.

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Gay Bar
by Electric Six on Fire
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